Bannerghatta Biological Park : Safari, Zoo and Butterflies…

Bannerghatta Biological Park or Bannerghatta National Park, sometimes called as BBP, is a popular tourist destination in Bangalore which provides safari in the natural forest. It also features a zoo, a snake house, an aquarium, a butterfly park, a museum, a children’s park and a lake with boat house.

According to Wikipedia, “Bannerghatta National Park was founded in 1970 and declared as a national park in 1974.  In 2002 a portion of the park, became a biological reserve, the Bannerghatta Biological Park.” BBP is house to huge variety of flora and fauna which makes it a great place to go to. The main attraction of the place is safari in the natural forest.

When and How to go to BBP

The Park  is located approximately 25 km from central Bangalore and is well connected from other parts of Bangalore. There is no specific time to visit the park. You can go whenever you decide to go. You can go Bannerghatta by your own means or by BMTC buses. BMTC has very good connectivity to the park so no issues on that front. You can just search the route from your place and go ahead. If you are travelling in a group then you can hire a taxi for the day which is also easily available and convenient to have.

Things to do at Bannerghatta National Park

There are various activities available at the park. All the activities and their tariffs are listed at Bannerghatta official website. All the latest rates and details are available there. Top things to do can be listed as follows:

Wildlife Safari:

Safari is the best thing to do at the park. The safari takes you to the natural forest which is home to various animals like Lions, Bears, Elephants, Tigers and many more. Exhaustive list of safari and their tariffs are listed here. You can choose from available choices based on your convenience. The most recommended one is Grand safari which costs 260 for adults, 130 for children and 150 for senior citizens. This cost also includes entry to zoo. The prices are subject to change. Kindly verify here beforehand to avoid any last minute surprises. You can also opt for jeep safari and personalized car safari. The safari ride will turn out to be simply awesome and different experience. You will enjoy the forest in more like a natural form.

Bear on the way 🙂
Bunch of elephants relaxing after bath 😀
Tiger in confined territory 😛
Just relaxing like a boss 😀
King taking a sound sleep 😛

These are glimpses of the safari. Many more are there waiting for you to come.

Butterfly Park

Just after completing the safari in the forest go straight to the butterfly park. You will find it near to the safari exit. A nominal entry fee 30 INR for adults and 25 INR for children and senior citizen is applicable at the park. Additional charges are also there for taking still cameras and video cameras. Butterfly park is well maintained park which houses numerous varieties of butterflies flying all around. It also features a butterfly museum which demonstrates detailed life cycle of different kinds of flies.

Butterfly habitat 🙂
Closed habitat for butterflies 🙂
Finally captured.. looks like posing a solo pic 😛
Friendship is important for them as well 😀
Don’t disturb, Its food time 😛

So overall the butterfly park is very relaxing and calm. Just spend some time there. Also try to learn their life cycle in the museum.


After a forest visit and spending time with lots of beautiful butterflies, now is the time to head towards the zoo. If you have taken the safari then your zoo entry is free. Just show the tickets. Otherwise you will need a separate ticket for the zoo. The zoo houses many different kinds of species ranging from sweet little birds to dangerous King Kobra to Leopard to Tiger, Lion and many others. You will also find Kiwis and ostriches as well. A comfortable visit to zoo may require 1 to 2 hrs depending on your own taste.

Lots of tortoises basking 😀
You can roam because I am caged 😛

Enjoy watching the animals in the zoo and have some snacks here.

Lake and Boat House

After finishing the zoo you can head towards the lake. Try to seek help for finding the lake as it is located at the end of the zoo and you may not find it easily. The lake has nothing fancy to do. You can go for boating or you can just sit and relax.

Its boating time 😀

Children’s Park

After all the above mentioned things you can head towards the children’s park if you have small kids with you. Adults can also enjoy there but the options are limited. But children will surely love the park.

Basic amenities at Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is well maintained. All the basic things required is available there Which makes it good for tourists.

  • Park has dedicated parking space for your vehicles.
  • Food and beverages are available at the park.
  • Park also features good restaurants as well.
  • Toilets, drinking water and assembly points are available.
  • Small area is dedicated to shopping and street food.

So everything you will require is available there. You don’t need to worry about basic amenities at Bannerghatta National Park.

Things to remember

Here are few things which you should remember while visiting the place to make your outing better and enjoy little more.

  • Try to go as early as possible. On weekends it is highly recommended to go before 10 AM else you might stuck in long queue for safari.
  • If possible go on week days, you will find less crowd.
  • If you are accompanied with school going children then their ID cards might get some discounts.
  • Start your tour with safari and then butterfly and zoo.
  • Park is a plastic free zone so try to adhere to that.
  • Try to occupy seats near to the windows so that you can have better view of the animals while in the safari.
  • Safari will be of around 1 hrs and there will be no food and toilets for that time period. Be prepared for that.
  • Have sufficient time and do not be in hurry. Enjoy, relax and enjoy.
  • You may skip boating and spend lesser time in zoo if you are running out of time.

That’s it. Do plan a day with animals and it will be worth visiting.



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