Avalabetta Hilltop : Slightly less crowded hills for serenity seekers !!!

Avalabetta hilltop is slightly less popular weekend gateway from Bangalore and nearby places. Being less popular makes the hills a better choice for serenity seekers and nature lovers. The hilltop is located in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka and it is well connected by road from Bangalore, Chikkaballapur and other nearby areas. To be precise It is approximately 130 KM from Bangalore and 35 Km from Chikkaballapur.

A ride to Avalabetta from Bangalore

The best way to go to Avalabetta is by driving. For bike lovers, the drive will be awesome as the roads are very good and less crowded as well. First reach to Hebbal from your place in Bangalore, as the highway starts here and then you can take following route:

     Hebbal  ->  Chikkaballapur  ->  Paresandra  ->  Chikkanagavalli  ->  Avalabetta

Google Maps is pretty accurate and can be followed. Also after Paresandra you can take help of locals. They are very helpful. The road condition is very much friendly for driving and being less crowded makes it even better. One can easily hit 150 in the meter for bike and 180 for the car. The highway is pretty scenic as well. The roads in villages after Paresandra is also in good condition but you should be little careful here.

Nice looking driver friendly highway 🙂
Pretty scenic roads 😀
Looks like Grape fields and Clouds are your followers 😉
Remote roads are not bad as well 😀

After following the route finally you will land up to the hilltop. The journey is pleasing and relaxing. Although you might feel little tired after driving. But its worth it.

Best time to go to the hilltop

There is no best time as such. Whenever you feel to go, you can go. Following few details may help you to decide:

  • If you are going in a cloudy and overcast day, then you will enjoy the most as there will be clouds all around and you will have a chilling ride.
  • If you are going on a sunny day then try to start very early as you may face some heat from sun while returning. But that’s not an issue if you are not too sensitive to sun light. Also in sunny days you will have clear view.
  • Rainy day will be very good if you love the rains and have no problem taking rain showers. Otherwise try to avoid rains. Also try to avoid heavy rains and be careful while driving.

As a rule of thumb avoid too hot days like those from March to May or else go very early and come back before sun shines with its full strength. Also avoid days with heavy rains. Try to look for weather forecast beforehand and decide according to your appetite and enjoy to the fullest.

Welcome to Avalabetta Hilltop

After a long drive now you are at the hilltop. Just park your vehicle and start exploring the hills. The hills houses many things which should be explored.

Kannada gothilla.. Perhaps a welcome note 😉


Following are the things to do at the hills:

  • Guest House: Hilltop has a guest house maintained by Karnataka Government. The view from the guest house is awesome.
  • Lakshmi Narasimha temple: Be little religious and get some blessings in the temple. Many other temples are also there. It seems that in old days people used to build temples on the hills so that they can have workout as well 😉 .
  • The pointed rock and pond: Beside the temple there is one small pond and a pointed rock. People queue up there to get clicked on the pointed rock. Be very careful on the rock as it is very scary. Don’t go if you are not feeling comfortable.
  • For Explorers: There are many things like rocks to climb, staircases, hill view, learning the associated mythology with the hills and so on which will make your day.

So engage yourself to the activities you like and enjoy the day.  

The pointed rock.. isn’t it scary….
Mesmerizing view of hills with floating clouds 🙂
People queue up to get a click 😀

Few things to remember

Avalabetta hilltop is a silent and less crowded place where you can go and relax. At the same time you can can explore the hills and it will be a trekking kind of experience. Although people should follow their own instinct while travelling but its good to have some useful information about the place. Here are some things to keep in mind for a better experience:

  • Try to go as early as possible but at the same time go when there is some natural light out there. So probably 5 AM is a good time to start.
  • Have your morning breakfast somewhere in the way as you will hardly find anything to eat at the hilltop. Although there will be some local people selling few things but don’t depend on that.
  • If you are planing to go in rainy season then either go by car or have raincoats with you. Its slightly hard to find shelter on the way.
  • Carry enough cash and fill your vehicle’s tank on the highway itself.
  • Be little careful while exploring and try to be with other people out there as this is a lonely hill with minimal crowd.

These are few things which might help you to plan your trip. So take some time from your busy regular routine and spend some time with nature.



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